I had been suffering with low back pain for a very long time after a fall, a hospital visit and a number of weeks off work.  I would say this was about 10-12 years ago.

This pain has rumbled on and off all this time that I thought that I would have to live like this.  At 62 years of age I thought that I would have to continue living with pain and limited mobility.

I decided to make an appointment with Nick at the Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Cramlington which my husband had used on a couple of occasions with amazing results having fractured his back at work and also having had a road traffic accident which injured his knee.

After an assessment and only 4 sessions I really cannot believe the difference.  I can move now with ease and have no need for the pain relief medication I was on (and it was a lot). 

I now look forward to my day without pain and being able to walk, pick things off the floor and even simple things like bend down to fill the washing machine without pain and the fear my back was going to lock/spasm.

I am absolutely amazed that Nick was able to achieve this I only wish I had heeded my own advice to my husband after his treatment with Nick and made an appointment years ago.

I would highly recommend this Clinic and indeed Nick to anyone.  Nick was very professional and explained everything to me and now do daily exercises. 

Thank you Nick 


Mrs L Angus

     I had suffered sciatic pain from the end of December, I made an appointment to see Andrew at the end of January. After a thorough assessment and pinpointing the problem area, he gave me exercises to do at home. I had 4 sessions with Andrew, introducing new exercises each week.

I'm now almost pain free, so thank you. 

Vicki Wilson

     I dislocated my left index finger in Oct 2020, had been told it would take time for the swelling to go down, but after a couple of months felt physio would help. 

I found it easy to get an appointment for an assessment date that suited me. Treatment started at assessment, Andrew recorded a full history and assessment. Treatment was manipulation and ultrasound. I was also given home exercises.

I had a total of 5 weeks treatment; my finger is much less painful and I have more mobility. I was discharged but Andrew said I could return if I needed to.

The service was 5 star, I would recommend to anyone.

Alison Cowan

     As a result of a fall, I sustained an intra-articular, comminuted distal radius fracture to my right wrist (in other words, it broke in more than one place and had to be man-handled back into position under anaesthetic).  Following good care within the NHS, once the cast was removed, I was effectively shoved out of the door without any follow up care.  This notwithstanding the fact that two Consultants had both impressed upon me the need for follow up physio due to the nature of the fracture, and pre-existing arthritis affecting the injured limb, in order to recover as much range of movement as was possible in the circumstances.

Whilst I checked online and found printed sheets and videos of post-fracture exercises, none of them seemed to fit my own circumstances.  All seemed to be performed by people who had little or no difficulty in performing the exercises referred to.  In reality, I found most forms of movement to be painful and restrictive.  I had no idea if I was undertaking the suggested exercises correctly, or how far to push it.  It was bewildering.

I knew of the Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic because it was adjacent to my husband's dentist.  It seemed sensible to me to seek professional advice as to what I needed to be doing.  I'm glad I did, and I'm glad it was here.

I saw Nick Clunies Ross, who initially assessed the range of movement present in my wrist (very little) and who listened carefully to my personal experience of the injury, treatment, and post-cast-removal experience.

Having done so, he gave me clear and specific exercises to perform, outlining how far I could push myself.  These may have been simple in nature, but they were highly effective. Whilst the exercises were quite uncomfortable to undertake initially, I quickly found the benefit of perseverance, and thanks to Nick showing me what I needed to do, and to what degree, I saw a noticeable difference after just 7 days.  Nick was able to confirm that difference wasn't just my imagination, and could demonstrably show me the difference the physio was making, in case I was a supreme kind of fantasist!

Nick takes his function as a physio seriously, yet retains a refreshing good humour which made the whole experience much more enjoyable than it might have been.  I didn't expect to say that physio was fun, but it was.  Healing is about so much more than just the physical  - a fact which is often lost in the everyday experience, but not in this instance.  Being able to laugh along the way is, to me, very important.  Just as important as the physical improvement.  The fact that I could laugh and see very measurable improvement from week to week was, to me, the very best of recovery.  I had a total of four sessions, which saw me regain an excellent range of movement in my wrist.

I can't really put into words how grateful I was that I chose the Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, but I would thoroughly recommend their services to others who find themselves in need of physio and guidance on the road to recovery.   I've had physio before, but never was it so effective, informal and relaxed.  

My absolute gratitude to all at the clinic.

Kind regards

Sue P

     I visited Morpeth The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic as I was suffering great pain and very limited mobility due to osteoarthritis of the knee.

After assessing the problem, Andrew gave me a series of exercises to do at home.  These were clearly explained, regularly reviewed, and adapted to suit my needs.  I also received ultrasound treatment at each visit.

Seven weeks on and the pain has almost disappeared, I am able to walk without a limp for a decent period of time.  Great results!

Many thanks to Andrew for helping me to avoid a knee replacement op.

Aileen Wright


I’m writing this review of Cramlington Physio and Sports Clinic and in particular Mr Nick Clunies-Ross.

I had a work related injury to my left ankle back in June, I was wrongly diagnosed with soft tissue damage, to cut a very long time story short I was taking large amounts of high dosage painkillers until my GP intervened and had me go for an X-ray.

It revealed an avulsion. The pain was unbearable and as a result of compensating for my injured ankle I developed sciatica.

Sleep became impossible until I contacted Nick, from the very first session my recovery started! The day after my very first session I was pill free for a whole day.

I underwent extensive Physiotherapy with Nick and I can honestly say he is a miracle worker or a member of the Black Circle!! A magician and a gentleman!

I cannot thank Nick and his team enough for their kind and professional service from the off.

I highly recommend this company and won’t hesitate to use them again should the situation arise.

Andrew Haley