I began suffering with a painful lower back which restricted my movement and prevented me from doing many of my usual sporting activities. With the treatment I received at The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic it not only enabled me to return to activity but also gave me more confidence with all of my movements. Visiting the Clinic was a very pleasant experience and I found Nick and his staff to be both welcoming and efficient. 


     I have been treated by Heidi Trundle for more than 17 years and have enormous faith in her vast knowledge. From losing the use of my right hand (now functioning again) to a second micro discectomy (no more back pain), and recently after a serious accident, leading to months in a wheelchair exacerbated by a major attack of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my foot and leg. Heidi’s skilled therapy and endless encouragement have been the catalyst for my recoveries.

My thanks also goes to everyone who works at The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, Cramlington. All have gone out of their way with regard to my well being by their sincerity and caring beyond the course of duty. 

Sheila Longo

     I had suffered with a painful back for many months which restricted my movement and prevented me from doing many of my usual activities. With the treatment I received at The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, it not only enabled me to return to activity but also gave me more confidence with all of my movements. I would happily recommend Heidi Trundle, my Physiotherapist at the Clinic, to anyone and have already done so on many occasions. 


     I have been very satisfied with the service I have received during the short series of treatment sessions I have attended. I particularly liked the thorough assessment I received, the clear instructions and encouragement I was given and Val’s willingness to demonstrate how she wished me to follow her advice. 


     I visited The Morpeth PSC to receive treatment for what I thought was muscle strain in my leg. Val was the Physiotherapist I was referred to and she diagnosed the problem at my first consultation.

     It was clear to me from the outset that Val has vast experience in her field of work. Her diagnosis was very accurate and she very swiftly administered the relevant treatment for me which was a combination of acupuncture ultra sound and massage.

     In my experience Val is a very professional down to earth physiotherapist. She is very caring and displays empathy.

     I had three consultations with Val and I left free of pain and with very clear instructions outlining a regime of exercises which will help me in the future and should assist in the prevention of any further problems.

     My husband and my son have also received treatment from Val during the past few years and would echo my praise of Val. We would all commend the clinic on their honest and decent approach to the treatment of patients i.e. they do not exploit their clients by encouraging them to return for further treatments at extra cost which may not be necessary.

     With regards to the future I would have no hesitation in seeking help for any injury sustained by myself or my family as I would attend the clinic with total confidence. 

Lynn Howard

     Just a short note to say thank you, Nick for sorting out my left calf problem. Without your help I think my holiday in Majorca would have been very difficult but with your help, the warm weather, continuing my exercises and taking my time the leg improved significantly. I am still doing the exercises and the leg continues to improve. So once again thank you, you will be my first port of call if I need help again and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues. 

Bryan Burke

     I would like to thank Lynn for all her help when making my appointments, explaining the process and help with finding you. I would also like to thank Andrew for the two sessions I had with him.

     I am not sure if it was the manipulation or the acupuncture or a mixture of both but it certainly did the trick. Thank you again and I would certainly recommend the practice to anyone else who was in pain. 

Avril Main

     In the build-up to my first Great North Run I found that I was suffering discomfort in my ankle that led to pain and swelling. My ability to run was dramatically reduced and I feared that I would not have my fitness at the level required to complete the run.

     I was recommended to try Nick's practice. I was impressed that I was able to book an appointment that allowed me to be seen early in the morning. This fit perfectly around my work schedule.

     During my initial assessment Nick took the time to listen to my complaint and effectively questioned me. This allowed him to relate my current problem to an injury that I had sustained over 15 years ago!

     I was provided with a clear description of my problem and an understanding of how my training had aggravated my ankle. I soon realised that this problem had lain dormant for all those years and was even subtly affecting basic things such as how I walked up stairs.

     Nick provided me with a clear strategy on what exercises and stretches I needed to do and how my training schedule needed to adapt to allow my ankle to heal. 

     By the fourth appointment in as many weeks, I am running better than ever. I can feel the strength and flexibility that has returned and I no longer need physiotherapy.

     To summarise, a fantastic value-for-money service from a great team.

Stephen Cooper