When Nick came to reception to take me through to the treatment room, I struggled to get out of the chair and had to walk carefully and slowly as I was in so much pain. He assessed me. Well that was interesting! There was a big chunk of my spine that wasn't involved in the movements!

     I couldn't get any further than my knees when trying to touch my toes, and bending backwards was equally poor. Nick worked on me and showed me exercises to do at home. After just one week there was measurable improvement. I've just had my third visit and could barely contain my excitement. I can move in ways that I haven't been able to since I was a teenager and I'm 59 now, so YES it's a very long time! I can touch my toes! I can rotate my spine so I can look behind me without having to turn round, and finally I can lie down in bed without having to hold my spine with my muscles to slowly let my back relax into the mattress. This may not seem like much, but to me it's both exciting and amazing.

     Ok I will still get back pain from time to time but Nick is teaching me how to manage my back so that life in general is much more comfortable and my range of movement should only get better. It's incredible that for 48 years, none of the professionals I've seen have actually helped me to 'manage' my spine. I'm hopeful that I can reduce the NSADs that I have relied on for many years as my back improves. The future is BRIGHT! 

Alyson Nicholson

     Dear Andrew:  Some comments by way of appreciation for your help last week:    
- thorough assessment    
- good memory of previous visit with reference to notes as appropriate    
- clear communication throughout and good listening skills    
- appropriate honesty and reassurance as necessary    
- effective treatment. 


     Val Edmondson has treated me for a number of years.  It is not an exaggeration to say she has dramatically improved my quality of life.  I think she is a remarkable therapist. 

Alun Moore

      I have suffered with persistent back pain for many  years and although I have always managed to maintain a reasonable level of fitness recently the pain in my lower back was becoming worse.  I visited Val Edmondson who gave me exercises to help me treat the cause not the symptoms, supported by acupuncture treatments.  I found the advice easy to understand and really felt listened to and understood. 
The treatment package has made a considerable difference and I have been able to increase my training thanks to Val. 


     I have been treated by Heidi Trundle for more than 17 years and have enormous faith in her vast knowledge. From losing the use of my right hand (now functioning again) to a second micro discectomy (no more back pain), and recently after a serious accident, leading to months in a wheelchair exacerbated by a major attack of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my foot and leg. Heidi’s skilled therapy and endless encouragement have been the catalyst for my recoveries.

My thanks also goes to everyone who works at The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, Cramlington. All have gone out of their way with regard to my well being by their sincerity and caring beyond the course of duty. 

Sheila Longo

     I had suffered with a painful back for many months which restricted my movement and prevented me from doing many of my usual activities. With the treatment I received at The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, it not only enabled me to return to activity but also gave me more confidence with all of my movements. I would happily recommend Heidi Trundle, my Physiotherapist at the Clinic, to anyone and have already done so on many occasions. 


     I would like to thank Lynn for all her help when making my appointments, explaining the process and help with finding you. I would also like to thank Andrew for the two sessions I had with him.

     I am not sure if it was the manipulation or the acupuncture or a mixture of both but it certainly did the trick. Thank you again and I would certainly recommend the practice to anyone else who was in pain. 

Avril Main